About the Authors

Monique Giroux, MD

Monique Giroux, MD is a board certified Neurologist that embraces a holistic approach includes medical, surgical, rehabilitative and integrative therapies with a particular focus on life-style for brain health. Dr. Giroux is the only U.S. Neurologist to complete fellowship training in Movement Disorders and Integrative Medicine. She is co-founder of the Movement & Neuroperformance Center of Colorado, medical director of Swedish Medical Center Movement Disorders and DBS program in Englewood, CO, medical faculty for National Parkinson’s Foundation‘s National Allied Team Training , and medical director of the Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation. She and Sierra Farris, PAC have worked as a team to advance DBS care since 2000.

In addition to DBS, Dr. Giroux also has experience and leadership in interdisciplinary care, Botox therapies, and mindfulness based therapies.

Sierra Farris, PAC


Sierra Farris, MA, MPAS, PA-C is a board certified Physician Assistant with master’s degrees in both Clinical Neurology and Bioethics. She has extensive experience in the medical, surgical and rehabilitative treatment of individuals with movement disorders and has treated over 1000 people with deep brain stimulation across the United States.

Sierra developed and continues to manage one of a few nationally recognized intensive troubleshooting clinics for people with unsatisfactory results from DBS. Sierra is one of a few national programming instructors for Medtronic, Inc. Sierra’s research and publications focus on improving the outcomes for people living with DBS.

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