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DBS: A patient guide to deep brain stimulation. Book Review

 “I liked the six main goals in managing the DBS device. It helps the programmer and patients to clarify and develop similar goals of programming so patients can have realistic expectations. The book contains the best explanation of programming and stimulation adjustments that I’ve ever read. This topic is abstract and difficult for the unscientific mind to grasp. Thanks for making it understandable. My favorite section -Symptoms and Expectations Exercise, helps explain to patients how to concretely identify their expectations about DBS. Great explanation of targeting, head frame, frameless, bilateral staged, bilateral simultaneous, burr hole, nerve cell recording, and testing.”

-Kate Kelsall, person living with DBS; Co-founder The Bionic Brigade Denver DBS Support Group and Co-Founder and President of DBS Voices of the Rockies


“Deep brain stimulation has revolutionized our approach to the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, dystonia and tremor. The book ‘DBS: A Patient Guide to Deep Brain Stimulation’ by the team of Monique Giroux MD and Sierra Farris PA-C offers patients and caregivers a practical guide to deep brain stimulation that is long overdue. It addresses practical everyday questions that both patients and physicians alike will find extremely helpful covering a broad array of topics related to DBS. The book is highly informative, thorough and written at a level that is easy to understand. This book is a must for patients considering DBS and for physicians who take care of patients who may be candidates for DBS.”

-Jerrold L Vitek MD, PhD, McKnight Professor and Head, Director, Neuromodulation Research Center, Department of Neurology, University of Minnesota School of Medicine


“The authors are respected clinicians who are experienced with all facets of the management of Parkinson’s disease. They have written a very sophisticated and complete handbook for patients who are considering or have already undergone Deep Brain Stimulation. This book will be essential for patients who are looking for a more in-depth resource about a complex topic in Parkinson’s disease management.”

-Melanie Brandabur MD, Clinic Director, Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center, Sunnyvale, CA


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